Monday, 12 January 2009

Hi everyone, sorry that I havn't updated
my blog for a while, unfortunatly for me,
I got admitted to hospital the day after
boxing day with pneumonia, not very nice
thing to have I must say. Well I only got
out on Friday evening, so I have been
trying to take it easy. But it isn't easy
when you see something needs doing, My OH
bless him has been fantastic, luckily the
first week I was in hospital he was off work
so he was home with the kids. The second
week my daughter was back at school so
it wasn't to bad, my OH was very tired
from it all. I said to him now you know
how I feel working full time and running
a house aswell.
Well I'm on the mend just now waiting to
hear from a surgeon at the hospital to have
some cysts removed from my sternum, and
then hopefully that will be the end of it
So I am trying to get back to cardmaking,
got a cuttlebug for christmas that is
calling out to be used. So may have a
play this afternoon.
Hope you all had a lovely christmas and
new year.

Take Care


Bubbles said...

Hi Sally, really sorry to here you have been so poorly. Glad that you are not on the mend, hope you get your op. soon bless ya.
Hope you enjoy your cuttlebug, look forward to seeing your new cards.
Take it easy.
Joanne x

Jan said...

Hi Sally, I heard you were in hospital but didn't realise it was something so serious. I was admitted a few years ago with the same thing so I know what it feels like. Anyway good to have you back and to hear you are on the mend .... just remember to TAKE THINGS EASY!! Enjoy playing with your Cuttlebug.

Love Jan xx

Oma said...

I hope you're feeling a lot better soon. My advice to you is: play with your cuttle bug - best therapy evah!

Caro said...

Glad you are safely back out of hospital and so pleased to hear that you got the much wanted Cuttlebug...Enjoy yourself, it is so much fun. Can't wait to see what you create.