Monday, 20 April 2009

Good Evening

A very good evening to everyone,
hope you are all keeping well. I am
on holiday from work this week and
plan on doing so much, I was going
to spring clean today but just didn't
have the motivation to do it, so
planned on doing it tomorrow. But am
going to a friends house instead. We
may get a bit of crafting done, :o).
Well the school holidays are finally
over. My DD goes back to school
tomorrow, yipee, some peace and quiet.
She gets bored so quickly, I think she
is pleased to be going back to school
I hope that everyone of you had a lovely
easter and didn't eat to many easter eggs.

Have a lovely evening what is left of it.

Hugs Sallyxx

1 comment:

Kim Dellow said...

Mmm I need to do some spring cleaning too! Thank you for linking to my candy. Good luck in guessing the number of beads. Kim