Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone, hope your all enjoying the
beginning of the weekend. I have just got home
from work and had a really nice morning.
I have just had some lunch and put some
washing into the machine, just waiting for it
to finsih then will hang it out. It is lovely
and sunny at the moment. Let's hope it is
here to stay for a while.
Went to my daughters school last night to see her in
the production they was having all week. Entitled
Back to the 80's, well it was excellent, they all
did really well. She was totally shattered at the
end of it as they did a performance everynight
this week. She wasn't getting home from school
until 10.30. She didn't get up until 10am today.
So she certainly needed the sleep.
Here are some of the photos not that they are
very clear.
In the 1st photo my daughter is 2nd in from the
right wearing the white top. In the 2nd photo
she is stood in front of the lockers holding
a box.

In the 3rd and 4th photos she is centre front.

My daughter has now finished for the easter holidays
so have to decided what to do with her on my
days off. She wants to go to the pictures to
see a couple of films so will have to arrange
Hope you are all well. Hope you enjoy your

Hugs Sallyxx

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