Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Not made any cards for a while

Hi everyone, I am still here I havn't made
any cards for a few days. I was having
problems with my pc so asked my OH to
take a look at it. He decided to take
everything of the computer and reload
everything from scratch, well he thought
that he had unplugged my external harddrive
but hadn't it was my printer, so when
formatting the computer he also formatted
my external harddrive aswell, so I lost
everything. Have been trying to get things
back from discs, but not everything was
on disc. I have even lost my son's 18th
birthday photos. I managed to printed
one off of him and his sister.
I have managed to get some of the
downloads back aswell. But not all. So
will have to purchase them again. So this
time I have made sure I have made a backup
copy of them all. So let this be a lesson
to me and a note for you all, that you do
the same.

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jacque4u2c said...

OH no! I can understand this happened to us a few years ago! Hang in there! I have left an award over on my blog for all my followers and for those that inspire me - go pick yours up off my blog you deserve it! You are such an inspiration!