Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Thank you Jacque.

I have been given this award by
Jacque4u2c here, I am supposed to
send it to my top 10 favourite blogs,
but like Jacque who sent it to me.
I can't as they are all fantastic. So
like her I am giving it to everyone
that visits my blog.

So thank you for visiting my blog and
congratulations on recieving this


Bubbles said...

Thank Sally that's so sweet of you!
I hope you manage to find most of your downloads etc, what a shame about losing bits like your sons special day.
Joanne x

P.S. Love the ribbon box, great idea!

Jan said...

Thanks Sally, what a lovely award. What a shame about your Son's photos, something similar happened to me a few years ago and I lost everything!

Love Jan x

crafting diva said...

Hi Sally wow thank you so much it's so kind of you and what a lovely award. I will have to add this to my blog thanks again.

jacque4u2c said...

So - glad you accepted this award! You so deserve it! Any success getting your data back???

Debsydoo said...

Thanks Sally

Hugs Debs x

Claire said...

Thanks Sally, that's really sweet of you.