Saturday, 7 March 2009


I have just spent the last 6 hours or so scanning
papers onto my computer. I had them all on before
but with loosing my hard drive, I had to do them
all again. Unfortunatly I had used some of them
so will have to buy them again if I can get hold
of them that is.
Got a lovely surprise of my OH yesterday, he bought
me a laptop, he knew that I was wanting one, so he
treated me to one yesterday, he has set it all up
for me. So I running free now. Just got a few more
bits and bobs to put onto it and it is all done.
He must be feeling guilty after loosing all my
stuff of the hard drive. Luckily thanks to a
lot of peoples sites that I have got downloads
have been lovely and sent me them again. So almost
back to normal.
Hope to make some cards tomorrow as I havn't made
any for nearly a week.


jacque4u2c said...

WOO-HOO! A laptop! That is great - I know once you get everything downloaded you will be back to rolling. Look forward to seeing more creations - I have been missing them.

Julie said...

Love your blog, a lap top, Im very envious. I share mine with the kids hence on it at half six in the morning! Just clicking on to follow your blog.
Julie x